Come fly with us!

Letting go, leaving the stress behind, finding relaxation... Not as easy as it sounds?


Our 4-hand-massage combined with beautiful beats can get you there—tricking your consciousness into loosing its grip, daring to take the next step, letting go.


The intense effect of four attentive and soothing hands defies all imagination. 

Warm oils, a composition of synchronized moves, soft stretching and our good spirit guide you through this extraordinary experience.



Each session lasts 90 minutes and costs 160€.

Location for Sessions are the Praxis für Körperwissen, Reichenberger Str 63 in Kreuzberg, Lobeblock in Wedding and sometimes at other nice locations and Festivals. 

Here is a review about our fourhandmassage (in German): 



We like happy people- but no happy endings with bliss&BÄM.

Our sessions offer a holistic experience, no sexual service of any kind. 

Are you looking for a special present?

Get our special handcrafted vouchers made with love, as you see on the image below. BÄM!



Anna Schaefer is an alternative practicioner and body therapist educated in the Grinberg Methode.

Anke van Engelshoven is an aerial acrobat aswell as a wellness- and massage therapist. 

Together they developed  bliss&BÄM fourhandmassages. 



Straight under the skin and into the soul...

Tobias Rahm, Research Scientist of happiness

with two hands I was able to follow with my mind, but with four hands there was no other way than fully letting go and flying away!

Marlène Colle, Musician Yippie Yeah 

A massage like a choreography, touching, extremely relaxig and freeing new energies and spirits. Complete Joy!

Judith E., Actress